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The Bar


Treat yourself to one of our tasty cocktails or a glass of champagne. Try one of our locally produced beers or juices, or simple enjoy a glass of wine selected from our region.

In the evenings, we also offer you a selection of freshly made tapas prepared by our chef, which changes every week.

Bar de l'Auberge de Montpezat  Bar de l'Auberge de Montpezat
Bar de l'Auberge de Montpezat




Our Cocktails

Mojito 7€

(Havana Rum, raw sugar, lime juice, mint, sparkling water)


Mojito Royal 8€

(Havana Rum, raw sugar, lime juice, mint, sparkling wine)


Mojito Fruity 8€

(Havana Rum, raw sugar, lime juice, mint, fruit pulp)


Cosmopolitan 7€

(Absolut Vodka, triple sec, lime juice, cranbery juice)


Gin Fizz 7€

(Bombay Sapphire Gin, lime juice, sugar syrup, sparkling water)


Margharita 7€

(Camino Real Tequila, triple sec, lime juice)


Long Island 8€

(Rum, vodka, gin, triple sec, lime juice, coca cola) 


Piña Colada 7€

(Havana Rum, cocnut cream, pineapple juice)


Cuba Libre 7€

(Havana Rum Special, lime juice, coca cola)


Screaming Orgasm 8€

 (Absolut Vodka, Bailey's, Kalhua, Amaretto)


Ti'punch 5,50€

(Havana Rum, raw sugar, lime)


Irish/Italian/French coffee 7€

(Whisky/Amaretto/Cognac, expresso, sugar syrup, whipped cream)


We also offer you a large selection of spirits, bottled and tap beers, locally produced juices and more...


And for nibbling on something in the evening while sharing a drink, we invite you to try our weekly tapas menu...

@ 3.50€ per tapas or 19€ for 6 tapas  




 The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health.